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Bestellnr.: MRP 079
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My Intention Is War
"Incredible compilation of calypso classics from Trinidad recorded between 1928 and 1948 by well known masters of the form such as The Roaring Lion, Attila the Hun, Lionel Belasco, and Lord Invader, as well as by some lesser known but great artists. Minor chord, intense meditations on death, beautiful and fragile instrumentals, topical and poetic songs, and more. This is the real stuff. Songs include 'The Horrors of War,' 'African War Call,' 'When I Lay Me Body Down in the Grave,' 'Exploiting,' 'Inequality of Life,' and 'Death.' Real masterpieces here. Not a clunker in the bunch. Old school 'tip on' cover."


  1. The Lion Death
  2. Lionel Belasco And His Orchestra Miranda
  3. Lord Invader My Intention Is War
  4. Atilla The Hun The Horrors Of War
  5. George Cabral Memories Of Trinidad
  6. The Lion When Me Body Lay Down In The Grave
  7. Orquesta De L. Belasco* Venesuela
  8. Codello's Top Hatters Orchestre* Lopez Contreras
  9. Atilla The Hun Inequality Of Life
  10. Emery Cournard Serenaders Under The British Commander
  11. The Caresser Exploiting
  12. Lord Executor My Troubles With Dorothy
  13. Orquesta De L. Belasco* Rosa Negra Vals Venezolano
  14. The Lion African War Call

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