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The Swinginest Dance Band - Dan Terry & His orchestra 1952-1963
When the experienced bandleader and trumpet player, Dan Terry (1924-2011), settled in Los Angeles in spring 1952, he organized a 16-piece band, hired some of the finest West Coast players and used one of the scene's best new arrangers in Marty Paich. He won a successful residency at the Hollywood Club Oasis and a couple of singles for a small Pasadena label followed, but it proved difficult to keep the band together financially, and they disbanded.
Undaunted, Terry assembled a swing band in 1953, working with a more commercially slanted book than Paich's original, largely written by Gene Roland. The band achieved a compact rather than a blasting sound on the up-tempos, and played slow dance tempos with imagination and variations in color. The richly-textured band's emphasis was on a full ensemble sound. "It's the swinginest band" said Terry. "Even the ballads swing. It has the excitement, I think, that characterized the great band period."
In the following years, Dan Terry continued up to early Nineties -always with the same enthusiasm- heading ambitious big band projects. And, though not all made a lasting mark, his ability to attract the finest players was a tribute to the regard in which he was held. He remains one of the most underrated bandleaders of the post Big Band Era.
Sources: Tracks #1 & 2, from Vita 1008
Tracks #3 & 4, from Vita 1007
Tracks #5-11 & 18, from the Columbia 10" album "Teen-Age Dance Session" (CL 6288)
Tracks #12-16, from the Harmony 12" album "Teen-Age Dance Party" (HL-7002)
Track #17, from the Columbia single CL40212
Tracks #19 & 20, from the Devere single D-317
Tracks #21-26, from the 12" album "Good Feeling Blues" (Cinema 1001)
Tracks #27 & 28, from a Metronome 7" promotional EP
Personnel on #1-4: Dan Terry and His Orchestra -Arrangements by Marty Paich-Dan Terry, leader and trumpet; Pete Candoli, Bobby Clark, Ollie Mitchell, Carlton McBeath, trumpets; Jimmy Priddy, John Halliburton, Lloyd Ulyate, Fred Lewis, trombones; Clint Neagley, Herb Steed, alto saxes; Bob Enevoldsen, tenor sax and valve trombone; Tino Isgrow, tenor sax; Bob Lawson, baritone sax; Fred Otis, piano; Lloyd Lunham, bass; Shelly Manne, drums; Beverly Moran, vocal (#4). Recorded at Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood, Ca, June 19, 1952
Personnel on #5-18: Dan Terry and His Orchestra -Arrangements by Gene Roland-Dan Terry, leader and trumpet; Conrad Gozzo, John Anderson, Vito Mangano, Ray Linn, Tom Reeves, trumpets; Milt Bernhart, Herbie Harper, Jimmy Knepper, Jimmy Priddy, trombones; Herb Geller, Bud Shank, alto saxes; Joe Maini, Gil Bernal, tenor saxes; Dave Madden, baritone sax; Fred Otis, piano; Al Hendrickson, guitar; Joe Mondragon, bass; Alvin Stoller, drums; The Terrytones, vocal group. Recorded at Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood, February 22-25, 1954
Personnel on #19-20: Dan Terry & the Band with the HI-FI Sound -Arranger Gene Roland-Dan Terry, conductor & trumpet; Leo Ball, John Frosk, Clyde Reasinger, Gene Roland, trumpets; Billy Byers, Willie Dennis, Jimmy Knepper, Billy VerPlank, trombones; Dick Meldonian, Gene Quill, alto sax; Jim Reider, Fred Greenwall, tenor saxes; Gene Allen, baritone sax; Bob Corwin, piano; Sam Herman, guitar; Bill Takas, bass; Jimmy Campbell, drums; Freddie Martell, singers (#19). Recorded in New York City, March 1958
Personnel on #21-26: Dan Terry's Big Band -Arrangements by Ernie Wilkins-Dan Terry, conductor & trumpet; Clyde Reasinger, Bobby Nichols, Benny Bailey, John Estridge, trumpets; Eph Resnick, Lawrence Boyle, Roy Wiegand Jr., Thomas Main, trombones; Edmund J. Pistey, Aaron Sachs, alto saxes; Max Robinson, Ronnie Jannelli, tenor saxes; Jack Furlong, saxes; Hal Turner, piano; Howie Collins, guitar; Jack Six, bass; Richard Sheridan, drums. Recorded at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, February 10, 1961
Personnel on #27-28: Dan Terry and His New Yorkers -Arrangements by Gene Roland-Rolf Ericson, flugelhorn; Eddie Bert, Jimmy Knepper, Willie Dennis, trombones; Dick Meldonian, Jerome Richardson, Budd Johnson, Irv Moscher, soprano saxes; Bobby Donovan, alto sax; Zoot Sims, tenor sax; Gene Allen, baritone sax; Ralph Martin, piano; unknown, bass; Sonny Payne, drums. Recorded at Columbia Studio, New York City, January 25, 1963
Original recordings produced by Larry Mead (#1-4), Gene Becker (#5-18) and Dan Terry (#19-28)
Produced for CD release by Jordi Pujol
Hi Fi / Mono · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered


  1. Wail-Tail (Marty Paich) 2:54
  2. Autumn in New York (Vernon Duke) 3:11
  3. Terry Cloth (Marty Paich) 2:45
  4. Free Again (McLaughlin-Olsen-Johnson) 3:12
  5. Terry's Tune (Gene Roland) 1:42
  6. Denim Blues (Gene Roland) 3:04
  7. Sloppy Joe (Gene Roland) 1:50
  8. Saddle Shoe Shuffle (Gene Roland) 1:47
  9. Jelly Bean (Terry-Roland) 2:32
  10. Seventeen (Gene Roland) 3:03
  11. Goofin' Blues (Gene Roland) 2:40
  12. Lazy Alley (Gene Roland) 2:35
  13. Organ Grinder's Swing (Parish-Mills-Hudsen) 2:58
  14. White Buck Special (Gene Roland) 1:44
  15. Totem Pole (Gene Roland) 2:35
  16. Levi Leap (Gene Roland) 2:20
  17. Southern Fried (Jordan-Ross-Leonard-Culliver) 2:42
  18. Teen Ager (Gene Roland) 2:35
  19. Coca Cola Rock (Roland-Martell-Roland) 2:09
  20. Bull Fiddle Walk (Gene Roland) 2:34
  21. Good Feeling Blues (Goodman-Hampton) 3:19
  22. It's a Wonderful World (Adamson-Savitt-Watson) 3:17
  23. Trailways Five Star (Ernie Wilkins) 2:59
  24. Catalina Crawl (Ernie Wilkins) 3:32
  25. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington) 3:34
  26. Metronome Charge (Ernie Wilkins) 1:50
  27. Jazzinova (Gene Roland) 2:36
  28. Eclipse (Gene Roland) 3:09

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