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EAN: 4011550160164
Bestellnr.: IMP 6016
Preiscode: 4129
Hard Bop 180Vinyl
Impex Records
Some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time have passed through Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: Horace Silver, Hank Mobley, Kenny Dorham, Wayne Shorter and Donald Byrd, among many others. However brief their stay, working with the demanding and full-throttle drummer not only increased their visibility, but also their chops and interpretive capacity. Blakey's ability to drum up the best players in the game may have even eclipsed his superhuman ability to play drums.
Altoist Jackie McLean, trumpeter Bill Hardman, bassist Spanky deBrest, and pianist Sam Dockery join the fold here to along with Blakey deliver whole-bop goodness on five propulsive, fiery tracks. True to its title, this LP bops hard, with a ferocious swing, boundless energy and telepathic communication between players - especially Blakey and Hardman. Considering the rhythmic demands of Blakey's locomotive playing style, this was an incredible achievement.
Impex Records has cut this gorgeous, limited edition (2,500 pressings) 180-gram LP with the original analog mono master tapes and without computer processing of any kind. You hear all the vivacious interplay that occurred on that weekend in 1957 when Blakey and crew forged a bold new vision of muscular, funky jazz. This is music that still resonates over 50 years later.
Impex Records, a reincarnation of the well-respected Cisco Music label, has brought this mono recording out of the vaults in a limited edition of 2500 180-gram vinyl copies using ". . .first-generation original master tapes without computer processing of any kind." Mastering guru Kevin Gray along with Robert Pincus cut this LP with minimum EQ, unveiling the sound of the 30th Street studio and capturing all the nuance of the session. The timbre of brass horns, taut drum skins, plucked strings and felt hammers is well preserved. I do not have an original on hand, but I would be surprised if it sounded any better than this. The RTI pressing is as quiet as the proverbial church mouse and the packaging is beautiful -- from the tip-on jacket to the Rudy De Harak cover photo and facsimile six-eye label
Art Blakey (drums)
Jackie McLean (alto saxophone)
Bill Hardman (trumpet)
Spanky deBrest (bass)
Sam Dockery (piano)
Cut from the Original Analog Mono Master Tapes by Kevin Gray and Robert Pincus Numbered Limited Edition of Only 2500 Copies


  1. Cranky Spanky
  2. Stella By Starlight
  3. My Heart Stood Still
  4. Little Melonae
  5. Stanley's Stiff Crackers

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