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Break Through + Debut in Blues (2 LP on 1 CD)
First time on CD in STEREO
Hailing from Detroit, trumpeter Clarence Gene Shaw (1926-1973) is yet another jazzman who deserves much more recognition than he has received so far. He first arrived in the jazz world as Clarence Shaw, one of the members in the Charlie Mingus Jazz Workshop from 1955 to 1957. Mingus, in his liner notes for "Tijuana Moods" commented on the excellent work of his trumpeter. He wasn't one to give praise easily, so when he singled out Shaw thus, people started paying close attention. The gist of the notes was that if the record had been issued in 1957 -when it was recorded- instead of in 1962, the trumpeter would have been by then as famous as "any of our current so-called jazz players." Despite this, and after several vicissitudes, personal or otherwise, Shaw stopped playing and quit the scene for five years.
He showed up again with the belated 1962 release of "Tijuana Moods", this time in Chicago as Gene Shaw, leading a hard-bop quintet. About his decision he simply said: "Mingus ended it; Mingus began it again". His lyrical and relaxed style was almost a final refinement of the hard-bop trumpet idiom, and the unique qualities Mingus saw in this free spirit were given an intriguing showcase in these two albums, "Break Through" and "Debut in Blues".
Sources: Tracks #1-8, from the album "Break Through" (Argo LPS-707)
Tracks #9-16, from the album "Debut in Blues" (Argo LPS-726)
GENE SHAW Quintet "Break Through":Gene Shaw, trumpet; Sherman Morrison, tenor sax; James Taylor, piano; Sidney Robinson, bass; Bernard Martin, drums. Recorded at Ter Mar Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois, October 11, 1962
GENE SHAW Sextet "Debut in Blues":Gene Shaw, trumpet; Herb Wise, trombone, Jay Peters, tenor sax; James Taylor, piano; Sidney Robinson, bass; Gerald Donovan, drums. Recorded at Ter Mar Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois, July 8, 1963
These recordings were originally supervised by Esmond Edwards
Sound engineer: Ron Malo
Cover photographs by Ron Howard
Original liner notes: Alfred W. Bowman / Joe Segal
Produced for CD release by Jordi Pujol
Stereo · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered


  1. Autumn Walk (James Taylor) 5:25
  2. AD's Blues (Clarence E. Shaw) 4:33
  3. Marj (Clarence E. Shaw) 5:19
  4. Six Bits (Carl Davis) 6:31
  5. The Thing (Clarence E. Shaw) 4:27
  6. Tonight (Leonard Bernstein) 6:52
  7. Our Tune (Jack DeJohnette) 4:56
  8. It's a Long Way (Carl Davis) 7:20
  9. Debut in Blues (Thomas Washington) 5:08
  10. Karachi (James Taylor) 5:07
  11. The Gentle Princess (Gene Shaw) 3:50
  12. When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher-Segal) 2:52
  13. Thieves Carnival (James Taylor) 4:15
  14. Not Too Cool (Thomas Washington) 3:45
  15. Who Knows (Renick Ross) 4:15
  16. Travelog (Sidney Robinson) 5:10

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