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André Hodeir (1921-2011) was one of the world's most literate composers and working critics in the world of jazz. He began his career as a violin player, a path he abandoned three years after joining the Paris Conservatoire in 1942, to concentrate on his work as an arranger and writer. For Hodeir, who had classic training but felt drawn to the aesthetic of jazz, the problem was how to transcend the frame of his technique and recreate it in jazz terms. So to figure it out, in 1949 he went into a long period of silence that would last until 1954, when he made his first recording with the Jazz Groupe de Paris. This opportunity gave him a chance to crystallize the concepts he had been working on for five years. "At the time of the creation of the Jazz Groupe de Paris, there was nothing set in stone in my writing, it was all sketches I needed to try out. That's also the reason I gave the title Essais to the pieces resulting from this project." Hodeir wrote his most avant-garde work for the Jazz Groupe, among whose members were some of the best soloists in Paris. Their collective effort led them to become one of the most sought-after jazz units in Europe, and Hodeir's recordings with them earned him a world following that led to his American debut for the Savoy label. For this new session, he put together an all-star jazz band that would revisit his first six Essais, as well as record three new original compositions. In 1957, John Lewis best described Hodeir's musical attitude in a Down Beat article, when he said: "He's giving people ideas and directions and things to do. His work itself is of value, but he's also showing others by his work what can be done in many areas."
CD1 - TRACKS #1-6: LE JAZZ GROUPE DE PARIS "ESSAIS," Arranged and Conducted by ANDRÉ HODEIR. Jean Liesse, Buzz Gardner (tp); Nat Peck (tb); Jean Aldegon (as); Bobby Jaspar (ts); Armand Migiani (bar); Sadi (vb); Pierre Michelot (b); Jacques David (d). #7-10: Roger Guerin, Jean Liesse (tp); Nat Peck (tb); Jean Aldegon (as); Georges Grenu (ts); Armand Migiani (bar); Sadi (vb); Pierre Michelot (b); Christian Garros (d). #11-14: Jean Aldegon and Nat Peck out on #12 & 14. #15-16: Same as #7-10, but Sadi out. #17-19: Roger Guérin (tp); Nat Peck (tb); Georges Grenu (ts); Martial Solal (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Kenny Clarke (d)
RECORDED in Paris, 1954 (#1-6), 1956 (#7-16), 1960 (#17-19)
CD2 - TRACKS #1-7: LE JAZZ GROUPE DE PARIS, Arranged and Conducted by ANDRÉ HODEIR. Roger Guérin, Christian Bellest (tp); André Paquinet (tb); Pierre Gossez (as); Georges Grenu (ts); Armand Migiani (bar); Jean-Pierre Drouet (vb, percussion); Pierre Michelot (b); Christian Garros (d); Christiane Legrand (vcl). #8-14: Roger Guérin, Christian Bellest (tp); Nat Peck (tb); Hubert Rostaing (as); Georges Grenu (ts); Armand Migiani (bar); Jean-Pierre Drouet (vb, percussion); Pierre Michelot (b); Christian Garros (d). #15: Raymond Guiot (fl); Martial Solal (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Kenny Clarke (d). #16: Roger Guerin (tp); Emmanuel Soudieux (b); Richie Frost (d)
TRACKS #17-26: AMERICAN JAZZMEN PLAY ANDRÉ HODEIR'S "ESSAIS," André Hodeir and His Orchestra. Donald Byrd, Idrees Sulieman (tp); Frank Rehak (tb); Hal McKusick (as, bcl); Bobby Jaspar (ts, fl); Jay Cameron (bar, cl, bcl); Eddie Costa (p. vb); George Duvivier (b); Bobby Donaldson (d); Annie Ross (vcl #26)
RECORDED in Paris, 1960 (#1-15), 1952 (#16), and in Hackensak, NJ, 1956 (#17- 26), 1960 (#17-19)


  1. CD1: Cross Criss
  2. Paraphrase
  3. On a Standard
  4. Esquisse (I)
  5. Paradoxe (II)
  6. On a Blues
  7. Parisian Thoroughfare
  8. Evanescene
  9. Bicinium
  10. On a Scale
  11. Jordu
  12. Criss Cross
  13. Tension détente
  14. Paradoxe
  15. Triads
  16. Milano
  17. Trope a Saint-Trop
  18. Osymetrios (I)
  19. Osymetrios (II)
  20. CD2: Jazz Cantata
  21. Jazz Cantata
  22. Jazz Cantata
  23. Jazz Cantata
  24. Jazz Cantata
  25. Jazz Cantata
  26. Jazz Cantata
  27. Le Palais ideal
  28. Le Palais ideal
  29. Le Palais ideal
  30. Le Palais ideal
  31. Le Palais ideal
  32. Le Palais ideal
  33. Le Palais ideal
  34. Le Palais ideal
  35. Flautando
  36. Jazz et jazz
  37. Cross Criss
  38. Paraphrase
  39. Esquisse (I)
  40. On a Blues
  41. Make Up Your Mind
  42. Esquisse (II)
  43. On a Riff
  44. On a Standard
  45. Paradoxe II
  46. The Alphabet

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