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Music for This Swingin' Age + Easy Jazz on a Fish Beat Bass
WEST COAST SERIES · Jazz & Swing Orchestras-Rare & Collectible Albums by Unsung Bandleaders
When the dust from the collapse of the Swing Era settled, there were few big bands left that had survived. Yet, because they loved the swinging drive of a full-on jazz orchestra, a series of adventurous and unsung bandleaders optimistically organized some fine, but short-lived, new orchestras that were packed with jazz and studio musicians, holding the flag of Swing high.
On Music for This Swingin' Age, Bill Hitz's made his record debut with an orchestra spotted with driving West Coast soloists. All arrangements, by Hitz himself and Lyle (Spud) Murphy, use Murphy's 12-tone system, each building horizontally, full of incident and a fresh, satisfying approach. They deliver a rousing, brass-edged sound while Hitz's cool clarinet fits perfectly into the mood of the arrangements.
Greig McRitchie on his album Fighting Back, certainly captured that swing era "feel", but he dressed it up with the distinctive rhythm and bass figures of Rock and Roll-piano, bass, guitar, drums and baritone, plus a rare, modern touch of harmonic color. His repeated use of vibes, alto, flute and guitar adds a refreshing perspective to a repertoire of easily identifiable tunes, all delivered by a powerful big band unit full of the cream of the crop of West Coast jazzmen.
Tracks #1-12, from the album "Music for This Swingin' Age -Bill Hitz and His Orchestra" (Decca DL 8392)
Tracks #13-24, from the album "Easy Jazz on a Fish Beat Bass -Greig McRitchie" (Zephyr ZP 12005G) Mono. Reissued as "Fighting Back -The Greig McRitche Band" (Cadet LPS 4058) Stereo
Personnel on "Music for this Swingin' Age": Conrad Gozzo, Mickey Mangano, Ray Linn, trumpets; Milt Bernhart, Dick Nash, trombones; Bill Hitz, clarinet; Russ Cheever, alto sax; Buddy Collette, alto sax & tenor sax & flute; Bill Ulyate, tenor sax; Chuck Gentry, baritone sax; Gerald Wiggins, piano; Curtis Counce, bass; Larry Bunker, drums. Recorded at Decca Recordings Studios, Hollywood, May 21 & July 9 (#1,5,7,8,10,11), 1956
Personnel on "Easy Jazz on a Fish Beat Bass": Ray Linn, Ray Triscari, Joe Triscari, Jimmy Zito, Uan Rasey, trumpets; Joe Howard, Herbie Harper, Lloyd Ulyate, Si Zentner, Hoyt Bohanon, trombones; George Roberts, Marshall Cram, bass trombones Buddy Collette, alto sax & flute; Marty Berman, baritone sax; Russ Freeman, piano; Larry Bunker, vibes; Tony Rizzi, guitar; Joe Mondragon, bass; Shelly Manne, drums. Recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, July 17, 18 and August 1, 1956

Original recordings produced by Charles 'Bud' Dant and Geordie Hormel
Liner notes: Jordi Pujol, Hal Webman & Jim Bolen
Decca Records cover design: Piedra Blanca
Zephyr Records design: Thaddeus Roark
Produced for CD release by Jordi Pujol
Stereo · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered


  1. Strike Up the Band (G. & I. Gershwin) 2:56
  2. In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington-Kurtz-Mills) 3:31
  3. Something Blue (Lyle Murphy) 2:59
  4. Sampan (Lyle Murphy) 3:04
  5. Matinee (Bill Hitz) 3:28
  6. But Not for Me (G. & I. Gershwin) 3:05
  7. Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman-Webb-Sampson) 4:00
  8. You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye-DePaul) 3:16
  9. Open House (Lyle Murphy) 2:38
  10. Diga Diga Doo (McHugh-Fields) 4:10
  11. Status Quo (Bill Hitz) 3:19
  12. Fair and Warmer (Lyle Murphy) 3:32
  13. Jeepers Creepers (Warren-Mercer) 2:26
  14. McRitchie Doodle (Greig McRitchie) 2:43
  15. Sometimes I'm Happy (Youmans-Caesar-Grey) 2:40
  16. Runnin' Wild (Grey-Wood-Gibbs) 3:05
  17. Fishbeat Blues (Greig McRitchie) 2:25
  18. Lonely Night (Greig McRitchie) 2:38
  19. Greig's Bread (Greig McRitchie) 3:23
  20. Sally's Back (Greig McRitchie) 2:45
  21. Sophisticated Swing (Hudson-Parish) 2:54
  22. Shuffle Off to Buffalo (Warren-Dubin) 2:37
  23. Robbin's Nest (Thompson-Jacquet) 2:59
  24. Goodnight! (Greig McRitchie) 2:35

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