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14.99 €
EAN: 8427328435345
Bestellnr.: FSN 534
Preiscode: 132
All tracks written and arranged by Unitrio
UNITRIO are: Damien Argentieri (Hammond organ), Frederic Borey (tenor sax), Alain Tissot (drums).
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Mesa, Soignolles-en-Brie (France), January 13, 14 & 15, 2017

Sound engineer: Charles Frossard
Graphic Design: Yves Juillerat, Moutier (Switzerland)
Paintings reproductions by Peter Cox & Bridgeman Images
Thanks to Picasso Administration, Paris - Sandra Houel
Produced by UNITRIO Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol
"PICASSO", the third effort by UNITRIO, was born on the road, somewhere between here and there, while the trio was touring. Our daily exchanges revealed a common wish to write music based on the work of another artist. a musician, painter, cinema director.
Very soon we were drawn towards the art of painting, and then naturally to Picasso, his work, his paintings and designs reached us and talked to us. The fact that just his name summons a whole different universe, using such a powerful , uniquely personal language, made the choice easier.
In addition to pushing us out of our comfort zone, this exercise gives the listener a singular approach to the works of Picasso we have chosen: it allows him to "read" a canvas while being guided by the musical highlights proposed by UNITRIO, and to "travel" inside the music while looking at a pictorial score, the original source.
"Buste de femme" and "Femmes d'Alger d'après Delacroix" become then three different versions, with each composer proposing his own interpretation of the painting. "L'Acrobate," on the other hand, is told by par Frederic Borey, "La nouvelle ronde de la jeunesse" by Alain Tissot and "Massacre en Corée" by Damien Argentieri.
We hope this album will take you somewhere you may not have gone by yourselves, a place where your imagination, ours and who knows, maybe even Pablo Picasso's, meet. Have a good listen and a good trip.


  1. Buste de Femme: Vu par Alain Tissot 4:22
  2. Vu par Damien Argentieri 5:34
  3. Vu par Frederic Borey 6:01
  4. Nouvelle ronde de la jeunesse
  5. Vu par Alain Tissot 5:40
  6. L'Acrobate: Vu par Frederic Borey 6:14
  7. Femmes d'Alger d'après Delacroix: Vu par Damien Argentieri 5:48
  8. Vu par Frederic Borey 5:23
  9. Vu par Alain Tissot 5:55
  10. Massacre en Corée: Vu par Damien Argentieri 2:53

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