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EAN: 8427328622202
Bestellnr.: FS 2220
Preiscode: 132
Billy Usselton Sextet Complete Recordings
Featuring: Bob Burgess (tb), Billy Usselton (ts), Abe Aaron (bcl), Paul Moer (p), Mel Pollan, Buddy Clark (b), Lloyd Morales, Larry Bunker, Frank Capp (d) Billy Usselton (1926-1994), was a modern, controlled, articulate, swinging tenor man, full of fresh ideas and surprises and rhythm and good taste. These recordings are the only ones he did as featured soloist of his own group. George T. Simon wrote: "This is jazz of pure sound and free spirit. The arrangements are bright and imaginative. They make elegant use of counterpoint and of the unusual sound afforded by the addition of bass clarinet to the leading tenor sax and trombone and by the piano, too."
Personnel and dates: #1-4: Bob Burgess (tb), Billy Usselton (ts), Abe Aaron (bcl), Paul Moer (p), Mel Pollan (b), Lloyd Morales (d) Hollywood, June 22, 1956. #5-8: Same personnel but Buddy Clark replaces Pollan, and Frank Capp replaces Morales. Hollywood, July 13, 1956. #9-12: Same personnel but Larry Bunker replaces Pollan Frank Capp. Hollywood, July 17, 1956. #13-16: Same personnel but Mel Lewis replaces Larry Bunker. Hollywood, October 17, 1956.


  1. Tangerine
  2. Delilah
  3. Sweet Sue
  4. Dinah
  5. Coquette
  6. Georgia On My Mind
  7. Miss Annabelle Lee
  8. Liza
  9. Cleone
  10. Jill
  11. Margot
  12. Smokey
  13. There Will Never Be Another You
  14. Blooz
  15. Angel
  16. In From Somewhere

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