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14.99 €
EAN: 8435086700292
Bestellnr.: OCM 029
Preiscode: 132
P.Q. Special
Total Time: (70:25)
Tracks #1-4:Joe Newman (tp); Henry Coker (tb); Marshall Royal (as); Ernie Wilkins (as, arr); Paul Quinichette (ts); Charlie Fowlkes (bs); Bobby Tucker (p); Freddie Green (g); Jimmy Lewis (b); Gus Johnson (d). On tracks 3-4, Al McKibbon (b) replaces Lewis.´New York, July 1952
#5-12:Paul Quinichette (ts); Kenny Drew (p); Freddie Green (g); Gene Ramey (b); Gus Johnson (d).New York, December 1952
#13-16:Paul Quinichette (ts); Marlowe Morris (org); Jerome Darr (g); Gene Ramey (b); Les Erskine (d).New York, January 1953
#17-20:Paul Quinichette (ts); Marlowe Morris (org); Jerome Darr (g); Jo Jones (d).New York, September 25, 1953
#21-24: Paul Quinichette (ts); Jimmy Golden (p); Skeeter Best (g); Jimmy Richardson (b); Les Erskine (d). New York, February 9, 1954
Paul Quinichette was one of Lester Young's most unusual disciples. He adopted Lester's sound of the 50's so well that he was known throughout his career by the nickname of the "Vice-Prez". It was something logical that Paul ended up working for Count Basie and his New Testament Band and became one of main solo voices of the orchestra. During his golden age in the 50's, Quinichette recorded abundantly with his own bands for many labels. In this collection we present his complete early recordings from July 1952 to February 1954 for EmArcy, Dale and Decca.


  1. Bustin' Suds (3:07)
  2. Let's Make It (3:04)
  3. P.Q. Blues (3:04)
  4. Bot, Bot (2:55)
  5. Green Is Blue - Part I (3:08)
  6. Green Is Blue - Part II (3:09)
  7. You Belong To Me - Part I (2:59)
  8. You Belong To Me - Part II (2:45)
  9. Birdland Jump - Part I (2:44)
  10. Birdland Jump - Part II (3:18)
  11. Sleepy Time Gal - Part I (2:37)
  12. Sleepy Time Gal - Part II (3:06)
  13. Galoshes And Rubbers (2:59)
  14. People Will Say We're In Love (3:10)
  15. Roses Of Birdland (2:50)
  16. No Parking (2:58)
  17. The Heat's Off (2:20)
  18. Mine (2:24)
  19. The Heat's On (3:02)
  20. The Very Thought Of You (2:51)
  21. Swingin' The Blues (2:46)
  22. Humpty Dumpty (3:14)
  23. I Remember Harlem (3:01)
  24. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (2:43)

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