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EAN: 3149028001624
Bestellnr.: DFG 8698
Preiscode: 142
With more than 300 gigs throughout 5 years in France, Benelux and Switzerland, Alexx & The Mooonshiners is obviously a stage band. They were on top form when they captured this live album, gathering their favourite European recordings, 8 overpowerful gems loaded with fun. It swings and grooves big time. Between Blues, Rock 'n' Roll et Rockabilly, the band's second album smells of sweat, powder and adrenaline - Play it loud !
In 2005, Lionel Riss, blues guitarist trying to find the way, met Alex Wokenschroll, French/scottish singer, a huge 70s hard rock fan and a screamer in various punk rock bands. They'll soon give birth to Alexx & The Mooonshiners. Straight after, they found their bass player on the Internet, David Braud, fresh out of Conservatoire de Paris where he was given double-bass lessons. His parents are both professional musicians (mother pianist, father sax) and his father-in-law (Clément Bailly) once was Magma's second drummer. David used to be more into Jazz and Metal, and had never played a single blues note before the Mooons. With David, the band is getting complete as the drummers have always come and go : the MoOons are in fact a 3-piece band + the drummer of the day.
The style of the Mooonshiners is a multicoloured cocktail : some blues (probably the cement of their music), but also rock 'n roll, funk, jazz, metal, rockabilly, punk, boogie, as well as fifties, sixties and seventies reminiscences.! Lionel says it's blues, David finds it's music, Alexx thinks it's rock.
The set is a mix between covers furiously rearranged à la mooons, but also and above all their own compositions, Alexx's texts on Lionel's musical structures. The name has quickly been found. This is Alex's first name, with an extra X, a reference to Nikki Sixx, American bass player and founder of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe on which Alex had a major crush when she was a teen. "The Moonshiners" comes from a Bob Dylan song starting off with "I've been a Moonshiner for seventeen long years.". 3 "o"s stand for 3 Mooons. Dead easy !


  1. Whole Lotta Rosie
  2. Which Way
  3. True Love
  4. Brand New Cadillac
  5. Runaway
  6. He's Tuff
  7. Little Green
  8. On est des Mooons

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