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EAN: 3149028020229
Bestellnr.: DFG 8724
Preiscode: 142
Nobody's Fool
Slide guitarist & songwriter Dave Arcari's alt.blues sounds owe as much to trash country, punk and rockabilly as they do pre-war Delta blues and have been showcased via six internationally- acclaimed solo CD releases.
Nobody's Fool was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland and Helsinki, Finland. The new album features collaborations with Finnish musicians Juuso Haapasalo (bass) and Honey Aaltonen (drums) and Scottish fiddle player Jamie Wilson. As well as Arcari's trademark National slide guitar playing and original material, Nobody's Fool presents another side of Arcari with 'normal' guitar and some material from key traditional, geographic and musical influences. Arcari's festival appearances include Glastonbury (UK), BluesAlive (Czech Republic & Poland shows), Moulin Blues (Netherlands), The Great British R&B Festival and Peer Festival (Belgium).
A series of shows with folks including Steve Earle, Alabama 3, Seasick Steve, Toby Keith and Jon Spencer along with his relentless UK and European tour schedule have established Arcari as a formidable international solo performer who is fast building a media reputation as a 'hell-raising National guitar madman'.
Arcari's growing reputation was further endorsed when he was asked to put music to Robert Burns' (Scotland's national poet) poem Parcel of Rogues for a BBC Scotland special to mark 300 years of the Act of Union between Scotland and England. He also presented the programme, interviewing many high-profile political figures, musicians and historians along the way.
In 1996 he quit his first proper band role as guitarist with Summerfield Blues to concentrate on his new found National steel guitar. It wasn't long, though, before he was joined by harmonica player Jim Harcus and the intended solo career went by the wayside as Radiotones started to form and evolved into the force it is today. So while the electric Nationals and Marshall stack are on the back burner for Dave's solo appearances, his hard-hitting gravel-laden vocals and slashing bottleneck steel guitar make for an aggressive, dynamic blues-based sound!


  1. Devil's left hand 02:13
  2. See that my grave is kept clean 04:05
  3. Macpherson's lament 03:36
  4. Walkin' blues05:02
  5. Blue train 02:19
  6. Baby follow down 02:20
  7. Trouble mind 04:19
  8. One side blind 02:15
  9. Hot muscle jazz 03:09
  10. Duncan & Brady 03:19
  11. Loch Lommond 03:47
  12. Nobody's fool 02:38
  13. Dragonfly 01:43

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