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EAN: 3307510507126
Bestellnr.: 5071
Preiscode: 132
CLASSICS 1947 - 1948
Jack Lauderdale [of Swing Time Records] came up there [to the Bay Area] in 1948 and he wanted me to cut a record. I told him, "I don't know". He gave me his address and everything. And he said to come down, if I needed any money or anything. Well, "Three O'Clock In The Morning" ["Three
O'Clock Blues", Down Town 2002] was selling so good. But the "Black Widow Spider Blues" really took off. I had more pieces. My wife wanted me to quit. We only had $300-400 in the bank."
Lowell Fulson (Interviewed by Mary Katherine


  1. Night and Day
  2. Double Trouble Blues
  3. Stormin' and Rainin'
  4. Good Woman Blues
  5. Jelly, Jelly
  6. Mean Woman Blues
  7. 9:30 Shuffle
  8. Thinkin' Blues
  9. Tell Me Baby
  10. Fulson Boogie
  11. Tryin' to Find My Baby
  12. Let's Throw a Boogie Woogie
  13. Highway 99
  14. Whiskey Blues
  15. Scotty's Blues
  16. The Train Is Leavin'
  17. Crying Blues
  18. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  19. Miss Katie Lee Blues
  20. Rambling Blues
  21. Fulson's Blues
  22. San Francisco Blues
  23. Fulson Blues
  24. Mean Woman Blues

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