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CLASSICS 1946 - 1953
"I started playing the blues when I saw a man standing on the stage and he was getting big money. He had a red pocket hand'chief around his neck and coveralls and I said, 'That's not the way it's supposed to go'...I introduced color to the stage. My tailor-made tails that were 55 inches long - when I spun around you could shoot dice on them!" - Jo Jo Adams (Living Blues interview)


  1. Jo Jo blues Part 1
  2. Jo Jo blues Part 2
  3. Don't Give It Away
  4. Corine
  5. Thursday Evening Blues
  6. Hard-Headed Woman Blues
  7. Jo Jo's Troubles
  8. Disgusted
  9. When I'm In My Tea
  10. Upstairs
  11. I'm Weak For You
  12. I Get The Blues Every Morning
  13. Around The Watch Part 1
  14. Around The Watch Part 2
  15. Floyd's Guitar Blues
  16. Voodit
  17. Didn't I Tell You
  18. I've Got A Crazy Baby
  19. Call My Baby
  20. Rebecca

  21. With Jo-Jo Adams with Maxwell Davis And His Band, Floyd Smith Combo, Jo-Jo adams, Freddie Williams & His Orchestra Tracks:
  22. Dust My Broom
  23. Please Find My Baby
  24. Hand In Hand
  25. Long Tall Woman
  26. Rock My Baby Tonight
  27. My Baby's Gone
  28. One More Drink
  29. I Believe 7 Sinful Women
  30. I Held My Baby Last Night
  31. Round House Boogie
  32. Kickin' The Blues Around
  33. Sax-Ony boogie
  34. Dumb Woman blues
  35. Country Boogie (Tool Bag Boogie)
  36. My Best Friend
  37. I See My Baby
  38. She Won't Do Right (Dust My Broom)
  39. Whose Muddy Shoes
  40. Sweet Little Woman
  41. I May Be Wrong

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