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Even After That
Even After That' is the second album from British power combo Amor, ten original, all-new tracks from one of the most prodigiously-talented bands to emerge from these sceptered Isles in many a long year.
The title track is a distant relative of The Beatles 'Come Together', with a similarly slinky, smoky groove underpinning a superbly-crafted lyric - it's a winning demonstration of Jon Amor's constantly-refining compositional skills, of which there are many other compelling examples throughout 'Even After That'. That's not to say that Amor don't give it large when the moment demands - look no further than the album's opening cut (and single), 'Hard Hat', a crunching rocker adorned with samples and blessed with an instantly-memorable chorus, refreshingly shorn of unnecessary frills and unrepentantly kicking of arse.
'Even After That' deserves to be the album that propels Amor further up the ladder of critical and public acceptance. The band take the album out on the road, building up a dedicated following for one of the gutsiest, most unreconstructedly rocking of contemporary Brit combos currently treading the boards.
2002 has seen Amor play some great dates all over Europe. The highlight was undoubtedly a triumphant performance at Glastonbury, on the not-so Acoustic Stage. The official Glastonbury review wrote "Amor cleverly mix rock, blues riffs and inventive use of samples. They rock like hell. Jon's guitar playing is pure genius and the audience's gob was well and truly smacked".
They had the same effect on European audiences at a number of high profile festivals, including Germany's Leverkeusen Festival, Switzerland's Blue Balls Festival and Holland's Bospop.
Naturally, their presence has not gone unnoticed by the music press. Total Guitar has said of them "Amor emerge with a newfound pop sensibility that owes as much to the commercial dance and groove of Prince & Beck as to the downhome rhythms of Texas & Chicago". Time Out said Amor "Mixed fresh beats and driving rhythm", while The Times asked "Could this group be the next big blues thing?". The audience at Glastonbury might hazard a guess.


  1. Superhero
  2. Roughride
  3. Can't stand up
  4. Lowdown
  5. Body Freezing
  6. Bring my baby back
  7. Even after that
  8. Any day now
  9. No problems
  10. Hard that

Rezension aus Good Times (Jan 03):

Sieh an, beim franzoesischen Label gibt es mehr als nur Blues, und zwar vom britischen Trio Amor. Natuerlich kommen die drei Herren aus der Blues-orientierten Ecke, doch da sind sie nicht stehengeblieben, sondern wagen sich auch auf laengst verblichen geglaubtes Britpop-Terrain vor, dem sie frisches Leben einhauchen; sie setzen vorsichtig und gekonnt Samples ein; sie leugnen nicht, einst auch viel Beatles gehoert zu haben; vor allem aber leben ihre Songs von Handgemachtem, in erster Linie von Saenger, Songschreiber und Namensgeber Jon Amors abwechslungs- und einfallsreichem Gitarrenspiel. Das Trio kann ebenso kraftvoll Gas geben, wie es leisere Toene gefuehlvoll rueberzubringen versteht. Spannender, moderner wie vergangenheitsbewusster Trio-Rock mit reichlich Substanz.

(Philipp Roser)

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