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EAN: 96297047026
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Louie Bluie
Louie Bluie' is the soundtrack to the film by Terry Zwigoff which artfully documents the life of Howard Armstrong, long recognized as one of America's musical treasures whose career stretches back to the 1920s. A legendary fiddler, mandolinist, storyteller & one- of- a- kind entertainer who performs everything from blues to swing, to hoedowns, rags & gospel with Spanish and Hawaiian numbers thrown in for good measure. Still actively performing, Howard is considered a living exponent of the black string band tradition and this long- awaited re- issue celebrates a career that lives and breathes musical history. The record offers an invaluable glimpse into the often overlooked black string- band tradition.

Don Snowden - Los Angeles Times


  1. New State Street Rag
  2. Nothing In This Wide World For Me
  3. That'll Never Happen No More
  4. Ted's Stomp
  5. My Four Reasons
  6. Barushka
  7. 38 Pistol Blues
  8. Darktown Strutter's Ball
  9. When He Calls Me I Will Answer
  10. Vine Street Drag
  11. My Gal Sal Medley
  12. State Street Rag
  13. Du, Du Liechst Mir Im Herzen
  14. Railroad Blues
  15. Cacklin' Hen
  16. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
  17. Vine Street Drag
  18. The Girl I Love
  19. Milk Cow Blues
  20. When You Feel Down And Out

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