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EAN: 15891107820
Bestellnr.: SH 1078
Preiscode: 349
Pedal Steel
Sugar Hill
"Allen takes no prisoners, pulls no punches." -ROLLING STONE ~ Pedal Steal is the latest installment in Sugar Hill's plan to restore all of maverick renaissance man Terry Allen's recordings to print again. It's loosely based on an actual steel guitar player who wandered Texas and New Mexico in the late 60s-early 70s, one of the first to use the instrument for rock and roll. ~ Commissioned as a soundtrack for the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in San Francisco, Pedal Steal prmiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival October 22, 1985.
The soundtrack and staging of Pedal Steal received the New York Dance Critics' acclaimed "Bessie" award. From album liners by author Dagoberto Gilb: In the Pedal Steal . you hear guitar strings being tightened into tune, slowly, the crickets in your ear on this dark night outdoors. Boots step toward you. They get steady closer. Guitar string wind. Somebody's quick practicing rock'n'roll drums until the rhythm changes, a slower, deeper Indian beat. The highway fizz interrupts. A clavinova chimes wind and a steel guitar whines and drawls country syllables but the organ sound goes Mexican, mariachi trumpets and a McDonald's commercial interfere. A Navajo chant is closer than a TV show on in the background at a motel and the rock drummer is back, better now, grown, and a young guitar does an acid rock squeal, bend, warp, and it all shifts Indian, like drinking tequila, and there is thunder, and sax reeds, A Sentimental Journey, settle the air: This is the beginning. .


  1. This is one "ong", one Track 35:45 long

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