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EAN: 3481574235314
Bestellnr.: EHLP 155
Preiscode: 1681
In the two-plus years since Los Natas guitarist/vocalist Sergio Chotsourian made his debut with Ararat, a lot has changed. Long story short, Ararat has become a band and Los Natas - for all intents and purposes - has stopped being one. While the self-titled Ararat debut (review here), which was released in the US by MeteorCity and in Chotsourian's native Argentina on Oui Oui Records, was essentially a solo-project on which Sergio was joined by a few friends and his brother, pianist Santiago Chotsourian, and which sought to bridge the musical gaps between Middle Eastern and Latin American cultural and musical influences, Ararat II, or simply II, follows a much more rounded course. Both Chotsourian brothers return, with Sergio once more handling guitar, bass, vocals and piano while Santiago also contributes piano, and Alfredo Felitte of Banda de la Muerte has taken over on drums for material that's more aligned to fuzzy groove than any specific cultural modus - though those elements certainly show up as well. II, however, is less outwardly experimental than was its foot-getting predecessor, with Chotsourian's bass (he plays bass live, while Tito Fargo of Sumo handles slide guitar and noise) taking much of the fore instrumentally on heavier songs like the lumbering "Lobos de Guerra y Cazadores de Elefantes" or the psychedelically ranging low-end bliss of "Caballos." It's still pretty clear Sergio is driving these songs, and II, released by Elektrohasch on CD and LP, has its commitment to variety in common with the 2009 self-titled that came before it, but where that album drew a direct line to - and in fact shared a few tracks with - Los Natas' excellent Nuevo Orden de la Libertad (review here), the second Ararat outing feels more bent on standing on its own than being allied to any of Chotsourian's past work. - See more at:


  1. El Carro
  2. Caballos
  3. Lobos De Guerra Y Cazadores De Elefantes
  4. El Immigrante
  5. Atenas
  6. La Ira Del Dragn (Parte Une)
  7. Tres De Mayo

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