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EAN: 611587109224
Bestellnr.: APR 1092
Preiscode: 349
Not if Eric Andersen can help it. A masterful and groundbreaking singer-songwriter himself ("Blue River," "Violets of Dawn," "Thirsty Boots"), Andersen recognizes that a great song unremembered can be washed away forever in the flood of new and mostly disposable music that drenches us each day. His desire to keep "fresh and new" the songs of his early Sixties Greenwich Village compatriots Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Fred Neil and others in the transition from traditional folk music to a more poetic and personal style of songwriting led Eric to record last year's The Street Was Always There and now Waves, the second volume in his "Great American Song Series." Like its predecessor, Waves gathers timeless songs by many of Eric's "friends and acquaintances" and presents them in contemporary but intimate arrangements to a new audience that may never have heard them and to a previous generation that has yearned to hear them again. The range of writers and material that Andersen has chosen to cover reflects the creative explosion of the Sixties: Tim Buckley's shimmering, ethereal "Once I Was" is followed by the folkish elegy "Ramblin' Boy" by Andersen mentor Tom Paxton; Happy Traum's metaphorical trad-folk, "Golden Bird," is preceded by an understated reading of Lou Reed's bittersweet Velvet Underground ballad, "Pale Blue Eyes." Other songs remembered and revived by Eric: Phil Ochs' wise overview, "Changes"; Fred Neil's bluesy "I've Got a Secret"; a jauntily rocking rendition of Tom Rush's "On the Road Again"; and the dreamy "Coconut Grove," written about Fred Neil's Florida hideaway by the Lovin' Spoonful's John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky. There are also two forceful, snarling anti-war/anti-imperialist songs - Dylan's "John Brown" and the late Richard Fariña's "Bold Marauder" - and a pair of Andersen's own early signature songs, "Today is the Highway" and "Thirsty Boots," the latter a live bonus track featuring Eric and Judy Collins trading verses, with harmonies by Tom Rush and Arlo Guthrie, that has also appeared on the Judy Collins Wildflower Festival CD. As on The Street, Waves includes a newly written Andersen title track ("Hymn of Waves") summarizing the spirit of these two volumes: "Light the fire and take it to the people/The word will spread like flames."


  1. Once I Was
  2. Ramblin' Boy
  3. I've Got a Secret
  4. Pale Blue Eyes
  5. Golden Bird
  6. John Brown
  7. Changes
  8. Today is the Highway
  9. On the Road Again
  10. Coconut Grove
  11. Bold Marauder
  12. Hymn of Waves
  13. Bonus track:
  14. Thirsty Boots (live)

Rezension aus Good Times (Jan 00):

Der US-Sixties-Barde Eric Andersen legt die zweite Folge seines hoechspersoenlichen "Great American Songbook" vor, mit dem er den Kollegen Rod Stewart um Laengen schlaegt. Weil er zwar auch nicht mehr taufrisch, aber weit besser singt als Roddy. Und weil er zehn grossartige Lieder von Koryphaeen wie Bob Dylan, tom Rush, Tom Paxton, Red Neil, Phil Ochs, Lou Reed und John Sebastian sowie der heutzutage weniger bekannten Happy Traum ("Golden Bird") und Richard Farina ("Bold Marauder") vorstellt.Dabei griff er auf sattsam bekannte Genre-Klassiker wie "Ramblin' Boy", "Changes" und "Coconut Groove" zurueck, aber auch auf eher entlegene Werke wie Dylan's "John Brown". Ferner hat andersen aus eigenen Bestaenden drei gute Songs beigesteuert.. Fast alles gelingt ihm mit Unterstuetzung einer uneigennuetzigen Musikerschar hoerenswert bis hervorragend. Nur ausgerechnet bei der besten Komposition, Lou Reed's "Pale Blue Eyes", geraet andersen stimmlich ins Schlingern.

(Hans-Juergen Guenther)

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