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Blues For Sale
Larry Garner's new album "Blues For Sale" is another fine collaboration of his everyday blues. With ten CDs to his credit and thousands of blues miles traveled, Larry is no doubt one of the top contemporary bluesmen of this era. "Blues For Sale" proves that he is still in contact with the world and has his finger on the pulse of the people. With this new record, Larry still exemplifies what a true bluesman is all about and in this high tech over produced blues world that we live in Larry has managed to find that happy medium once again! Born in New Orleans, in 1952, Larry Garner grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, discovering the blues with Slim Harpo and Jimmy Reed. First playing the guitar in a gospel quartet, he then got his influences from Jimi Hendrix and the pop music of the sixties. While staying close to the roots of blues, Larry Garner crafts a distinctive sound. His skills as a guitarist and a songwriter, approaching a wide range of themes, establish him as one of the most gifted blues artists of his generation.
He has recorded for JSP, Gitanes/Verve and Ruf Records but, unfortunately, because of health problems he has stayed away for the recording studios during seven years before to come back four years ago (2008) with "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow". Now Larry is totally OK, still at the top of his art and "Blues for sale" is the proof.!
11/04 KANDERN (Chaba/Kanderer Bahnhof) D
12/04 BAD SALZUFEN (Alte Bahnhof) D
13/04 SERNGHAGEN (Blues Garage) D
14/04 HAMBURG (Downtown Blues Club) D
15/04 BRAUNSCHWEG (Barnaby's) D
17/04 ANSBACH (Kammerspiel) D
18/04 VIENNA (Blues Spring) A
19/04 WELS D
20/04 KIRCKHEIM TECH (Bastion) D
27/04 KEIGHLY (Bronte Blues) UK
28/04 FARNSFIELD (Village) UK
04/05 DARLINGTON (Art Center) UK
05/05 DERBY (Flowerpot) UK
06/05 STOCKPORT (Cassidy's) UK
09/05 EASTNEY (Cellar's) UK
10/05 WINCHESTER (The Railway) UK
11/05 DARTMOUTH (Dart Festival) UK


  1. A whole lotta nothing 05:31
  2. Talking naughty 04:52
  3. Broken soldier 05:52
  4. Miss boss 03:54
  5. It's killing me 07:08
  6. Alone and happy 04:11
  7. Last request when I die 07:40
  8. If you come to Louisiana 04:28
  9. Rebound 05:26
  10. I know you don't love me 03:35
  11. Car seat baby 05:29

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