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Art Of The Duo - Savignyplatz
The bass player Ed Schuller and the saxophonist Mack Goldsbury are sitiing on the platform at Savignyplatz, Berlin, and waiting for the last underground. Where to? Who knows! Musicians of their calibre get no rest, they're always on the road. They feel at home wherever they might be caught up in the joyful spirit of playing. They've just got back from the A-Trane, one of their favourite living rooms. The two of them have recently given an extraordinary performance there.Those who have so much of the necessary equipment such as these two, who also know each other for so long, dare to choose the highest form of communication that jazz knows: the dialogue!Apart from which they span their bows from Brooklyn, New York - their musical cradles - where they once earned their spurs - into the Berlin of present times, into an artistic future which includes expressive moments of globalization. The cry of the Muezzin is only a stone's throw away. They prefer to work with a variety of stylistic means and their consistent transformation into their own individual forms of expressive possibilities and ways of playing; because their goals do not end with that worldwide monoform, neoclassicism, the mainstream jazz of the traditionalists.However the two who stand on stage are not only striving for expression, but in their tête à tête, they grapple with each other, attempt to move each other. Their sovereignty over their craft goes without saying: the bass lays down its lines with rhythmic-melodic refinement, but also emphasizing the earthy; the horn - sometimes urged forward, then again completely selfsufficient - goes on a journey driven by its power to give shape, on the untiring search for new, flowing forms. In this way a lot of space is created, made pregnant with their surprising ideas, a thousand and one stories are turned into poetry.The Art of this Duo does not only turn itself on, but also the intuitive listener gets his money's worth, starts off on one of his dream trips: new doors open, through which he can confidently step. For no doubt a process such as this requires wilfulness and the courage to take risks, for both the player and the listener


  1. Parody # Two 8:16
  2. Odwalla 7:00
  3. Skylark 7:58
  4. Bath Thing 7:20
  5. Mutab Ali 6:10*
  6. Jennifer Marie 6:55*
  7. Love Irgendwie 5:21*
  8. A Tribute To Munir 4:40*
  9. What Love 11:20
  10. Fly Down Low 6:56

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