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EAN: 4015728882087
Bestellnr.: 888208
Preiscode: 142
Islands Everywhere
Geoff Goodman el-mandolin, mandocello, acoustic & el-guitars
Bernd Hess acoustic & el-guitars
Shankar Lal tabls & vocals
Tobias Ott ghatam & tanpura
Alex Haas acoustic bass


No beer, no Schuhplattler! But Tabla and Strings? Munich as the site of a multicultural event of some significance - who would have thought it? It's simply about the point of intersection from New York to Calcutta, Freiburg and Freilassing. It is at this focal point that the music for their debut album Islands Everywhere came into being. Should the term 'post modern' ever have meant anything, then it is this successful mélange of modern grooves from jazz, fusion or Indian elements with their rhythmic cunning. The guitarist from New York, Geoff Goodman not only breathes new tones into the rare and unusual mandolin, but is also the initiator and composer at the same time, whilst Shankar Lal serves as an all pervasive medium - indeed, Calcutta, the charm and the thrill of it in equal measure. The stylistically manifold hydra-headed creature on the electric guitar, Bernd Hess, and Tobias Ott on the infrequently drummed Ghatam prove indefatigable in brillantly expressing strong form.The music of Tabla & Strings reconcile opposites and integrate not only diverse musical cultures, but also folklore elements with mytical sounds of the spheres, contrasting acoustic and electronic strings, whilst stringent compositional structures rub against collective improvisation. This is all - astonishingly - welded together without the usual loss of substance or authenticity, as the magazine Jazzpodium reported on Tabla & Strings. A song of great praise, that the band is able continually to live upto - on the highest instrumental levels.


  1. Islands everywhere
  2. Umpachene falls
  3. Dim light raga
  4. Disappearing act
  5. Of winter
  6. Tiger walk
  7. Aquarium suite
  8. Vishnu blues
  9. Blood
  10. Once again & far awa

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