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Bestellnr.: C 71904
Preiscode: 230
Body And Soul
Wes Montgomery made just one tour of Europe in 1965 and he was a sensation anywhere he played. During Spring of that year, Wes found himself enjoying a residency at 39 Gerrard Street in London's Soho - the address of the original Ronnie Scott Club (The Old Place). Backing him were three superb musicians - Stan Tracey on piano, bassist Rick Laird and drummer Ronnie Stephenson. The rhythm section laid down exactly the right groove for Wes to display his awesome talents. The Quartet worked as a cohesive unit throughout 'Bloody Marvelous'.
Wes Montgomery(g)
Stan Tracey(p)
Rick Laird(b)
Ronnie Stephenson(ds)


  1. Sonny Boy 8:21
  2. Wes' Easy Blues 7:28
  3. Solo Ballad In A Major 4:04
  4. Gone With The Wind 12:17
  5. Broadway 12:21
  6. Body And Soul 10:21
  7. I'll Remember April 10:17
  8. Here's That Rainy Day 10:48
  9. Words from Wes 2:31

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