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Fit As A Fiddle
Svend Asmussen - violin, Jacob Fischer - guitar, Jesper Lundgaard - bass, Aage Tanggaard - drums
This CD is comprised of 3 live sessions in Denmark and Sweden from 1996. Along with Stuff Smith, Svend Asmussen is the most famous jazz violinist of all time. Accompanying Assmussen are three of Denmark's absolute best, internationally acclaimed musicians, with whom he had been playing with for several years at the time of this recording: Jacob Fischer on guitar, Jesper Lundgaard on bass and Aage Tangaard on drums. The repertoire consists of both swing standards (Duke Ellington's "The Mooch"), be-bop standards (Dizzy Gillespie's "Night in Tunisia"), a 19th Century Danish polka and Asmussen originals. 80 years old at the time of these recordings, Asmussen plays with the vigor and creativity of a young musician, even playing his violin through a wah-wah pedal on two numbers. This CD showcases a true professional - both a musician's musician and a music lover's musician; it's a CD that's full of creativity and irresistible, swinging jazz.


  1. Running Wild
  2. Bye Bye Blackbird
  3. Take Off Blues
  4. I Loves You Porgy
  5. Wrapping It Up
  6. Groove Merchant
  7. Latino
  8. Columbine Polka Mazurka
  9. The Mooche
  10. Prelude To A Kiss
  11. A Night In Tunisia

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