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45.00 €
EAN: 4892843001797
Bestellnr.: FIM UHD 073
Preiscode: 3699
Producer's Choice Vol.3-UHD-CD 32bit-Mastering
Recognizing these variables, FIM nevertheless tries to use 32-bit depth and 192 kHz bandwidth whenever the original analog master is at hand. Alternatively, if the original recording is on 24/96, the 32/96 may eventually be used to maintain the integrity of the sonority particular to that recording. With this flexibility, First Impression Music believes that preeminent sound is only achievable when the chemistry of the recording, mastering, glass-stamper making, replication, and quality control is right. As always, listening is believing.

This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats!


  1. Fanfare for the common man - Eugene Goossens and the Minnesota Orchestra
  2. Peace in the Heart - Chic Street Man
  3. La Campanella - Minoru Nojima
  4. Maqam: Prelude and Dance - Orchid Ensemble
  5. Suite Española: Austurias - New Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor - Rafael Fruhbeck De Burgos
  6. Caesar - James Newton Howard, David Paich, Steve, Jeff & Joe Porcaro
  7. Sway - Michael Gold
  8. A Rose For Me - The Soundscapers
  9. The Moon Represents My Heart - Singapore String Ensemble, conductor Jeremy Monteiro
  10. Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant - Kurt Bestor & His Orchestra
  11. Sing Joy - Shelly Holling, Ron Anderson, Karen Harper
  12. Red River Valley - Colorado String Quartet, Ethos Percussion Group, conductor Harold Farberman
  13. Star Dust - Yamamoto Trio Bonus Track
  14. Bamboo - Neptune Bonus Track
  15. A Lion That Has Just Woken Bonus Track
  16. Lost World Theme Bonus Track
  17. Red River Valley Bonus Track

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