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EAN: 660318101235
Bestellnr.: GRV 1012-3
Preiscode: 360
Waves - The Bossa Nova Sessions
Eden Atwood has a voice that is many things -- seductive, plaintive, sensitive, gifted with perfect intonation and phrasing, and entertaining. Her CD collection, Waves: The Bossa Nova Sessions, is refreshingly original in scope and presentation, each song a moving invitation to the audience to share the beauty of the bossa nova sound. Performed in a bossa nova mode of jazz expression, Eden Atwood sings the following songs: "He's A Carioca," "O Pato," "Meditation," "Girl From Ipanema," "Once Upon A Summertime," "Don't You Know I Care," "Waves (Caminos Cruzados)," "Fool On The Hill," "How Deep Is The Ocean," "Brazil," and "It's A Quiet Thing." Each song is lovingly sung with much emotion and sensitivity. The listening audience will discover their own favorites among many in this fine collection. Looking for some bossa nova music that is refreshingly original and alive, then pick up a copy of Eden Atwood's excellent CD collection, Waves: The Bossa Nova Sessions, and have an enjoyable listening adventure with a fresh, original vocalist who will charm you with her talents. A memorable listening journey, Waves: The Bossa Nova Sessions is a winner. Every musician is perfectly cast with brilliant solo work and group harmony which serves as a perfect backdrop for the many talents of jazz singer Eden Atwood. Outstanding production values. Excellent.
-- Lee Prosser -


  1. He's A Carioca
  2. O Pato
  3. Meditation
  4. Girl From Ipanema
  5. Once Upon A Summertime
  6. Don't You Know I Care
  7. Waves (Caminos Cruzados)
  8. Foot On The Hill
  9. How Deep Is The Ocean
  10. Brazil
  11. It's A Quiet Thing

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