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Jazz's Great "Walker"
Vee Jay
Featuring: Mike Melvin (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Bill Goodwin (d)
Recorded in Los Angeles, 1964

"Bass man Leroy Vinnegar's Jazz's Great Walker captures some of Vinnegar's most cherished tracks. It's a solid mix of cool jazz and light tinges of swing. "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" shimmies with a crisp bass cut over piano grooves and xylophone drops, whereas "The Love Nest" swaggers with Vinnegar's signature heart-thumping musicianship. It's probably the slyest track on the album, taking on a life of its own. "Bee Sees" follows close behind, bursting with jazz flares and trumpeting excitement. Vinnegar and his troupe are a sharp bunch. Jazz's Great Walker reflects Vinnegar's warm personality inside some of his most personal work. It's an enjoyable listen."
- MacKenzie Wilson (All Music Guide)


  1. Doing That Thing (Double Stopping) (L.Vinnegar)
  2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (C.Porter)
  3. If I Should Lose You (R.Rainger-L.Robin)
  4. The Love Nest (L.A.Hirsh-O.Harbach)
  5. Kick Laugh Crawl (D.R.)
  6. Persuasion (D.Nelson)
  7. They Say It's Wonderful (I.Berlin)
  8. Bees Sees (M.Melvoin)

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