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Bestellnr.: VJ 026
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Rocks In My Bed
Vee Jay
Georgia Carr sings of the many moods of love. "This album is a Georgia Carr exploration into the different moods and rhythms of love -the up, downs, the bright and the blue. The album encompasses some of the great standard compositions of Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, and yes Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour as well as some wonderful new songs with which Georgia Carr is bound to delight and excite you." - from the original liner-notes.


  1. Rocks in my Bed (Ellington)
  2. You always Hurt The One You Love (Fisher-Roberts)
  3. Let's Close the Door (Wayne-Beal)
  4. Nine Tenths of the Tennessee River (Gordon)
  5. Sweet Secret Street (Greene)
  6. Hallelujah 'Cause I Love Him So (Charles)
  7. Love is Somethin' Else (Blees-Beal)
  8. What More Can a Woman Do (Lee-Barbour)
  9. Softly (Greene-Beal)
  10. Once to Ev'Ry Girl

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